European Model Railway Specialists
WINCO is an independent company owned by a husband and wife team who, since 1988, have imported and retailed European
Model Railway equipment and ancillary items.
The purpose of this site is to advise potential customers on how to contact us and the ranges we supply, not the actual stocks
which we hold, as these are constantly changing.
(See bottom of this page for links to pages with some of the latest releases to come into stock).
We have a pre-order scheme, operate a 'Club' for BEMO, produce a monthly Newsletter which is supplied with all orders,
advertise extensively in "Continental Modeller" magazine and attend Club exhibitions each year around the UK.

We can be contacted,
by phone (UK)   0 196 286 9301   Monday to Friday - 10:30 am to 6:30 pm (UK time)     »»   from outside UK   ++  44 196 286 9301
and mail goods worldwide.       These are the most up-to-date Contact Times and supersede any other times given on other pages.
WINCO has some of the largest Continental stocks in the UK and although we specialise in Swiss and Austrian models,
we cater for most European outlines from the following manufacturers:-    ( These pages are regularly Updated.)

A.C.M.E.  HO   ClassiX   HO   HAG  HO   Kibri   N   L.S.Models HO   RailAd  HO   Sommerfeldt
ARNOLD  N   COMOFER   HO   HALLING HOe   Kibri  HO   Mabar   N   REE   HO   Schneider HO
    creanorm   N   HELJAN   HO   Kiss   MEHANO  HO   Rietze HO   StarTrain N
BEMO   HOe   D+R   HOm   HERIS   HO   KOMBIMODELL HO   MINITRIX   N   Rietze  O   SudExpress HO
BEMO  HOm   Dolischo HO   HObbex  HO       Modellbahn Union N   Rivarossi HO   TRIX  HO
BEMO    Om   Dolischo HOe   HobbyTrain N   Lematec    NOCH   Rocky-Rail N   TI-HO   HO
      HobbyTrain HO   Lemke HOm+HOe   Os.Kar  HO   RockyRail HO    
BRAWA HOm   FALLER  HO   H R F   Lemke N       Roco  HO   Viessmann HO
BRAWA   HO   Ferro-Train  HOe *       L.E.Models HO   PIKO   N   Roco HOe   ViTrains HO
BRAWA   O    Ferro-Train HOn3   JÄGERNDORFER   LGB   IIm *   PIKO HO       VK-Modelle HO
BUSCH  HO   Fleischmann N   Jouef  HO   Liliput   N     PiRATA N       Vollmer HO
BUSCH   HOf    Fulgurex   JORDAN  LGB   Liliput HOe   POLA   G       Vollmer  N 
B-Models  HO       Kato N   Liliput  HO    Preiser HO       Wiking N
        Kato RhB N   Lima Expert HO            

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      Latest arrivals      
BEMO  2017   Om new items
BEMO  2017   HOe new items
BEMO  2017   HOm new items
BEMO  Autumn   2017   HOm new items
BEMO  Autumn   2017   HOe new items
BEMO  Autumn   2017   Om new items

We are as close as your nearest phone.     Contact us now.

Payment can be made by   Postal Order / Cheque / Mastercard / VISA and Maestro (credit/debit cards).


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